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  • What’s The Catch? How do I earn my $1000 rebate?

    The catch is, in order to earn the $1000 rebate, you must choose an agent on and successfully close on the purchase or sale or real property.

  • Can I change agents after I choose one?

    Yes.  As a customer, your only obligation is to sign a Rebate Guaranty with the Real Estate Agent you choose.  The Rebate Guaranty presented at title will be the one honored.  Any other Rebate Guaranty that may have been signed will be null.

  • How does the $1,000 rebate work if I'm both selling and buying a property?

    The $1,000 rebate applies to each successful closing on the sale and purchase of real property. If you’re both selling and buying a property, and both transactions successfully close, you would receive a $1,000 rebate for each transaction, earning a total of $2,000 in this scenario.

  • How does ensure the quality of the agents on the platform? is an exclusive platform. Agents can not and do not pay to be on  All agents have been personally recruited based upon their merit, proven excellence and ability to cater specifically to the needs of the modern home buyer and seller.  This ensures that you are working with knowledgeable and experienced professionals

  • What is the "Direct Connect" method on

    The “Direct Connect” method on is a feature that allows you to directly connect with a real estate agent of your choice without having to provide personal information. Unlike our competitors, only allows the customer to reach out to their selected agent, eliminating solicitation.  This method promotes freedom of choice and rewards customers with a $1,000 rebate upon the successful closing of a real estate transaction.

  • Why can’t I see Agent’s contact information? allows you to search for real estate agents by location, name, or language. Once you select an agent, you’ll be presented with a Rebate Guaranty. After signing this guaranty, the agent’s contact information becomes available to you, and you can start your real estate journey by reaching out to them.

  • Is my personal information safe on

    Yes, your personal information is safe on  The platform is designed with a strong commitment to privacy.  Unlike other platforms, does not require anything other than your phone number to verify that you are not a bot. Any information you enter on will never be shared or sold to any third party.  Privacy is our Promise.

  • How do I engage with an agent on

    To engage with an agent, you first need to search for agents based on your preferences. Once you’ve found an agent you’d like to work with, click on the ‘engage agent’ icon on their profile. You’ll then be presented with the Rebate Guaranty which you need to sign to proceed.

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