Welcome to Tryula.com!

This document will serve as a reference to the expectations and processes you will agree to when completing your profile on Tryula.com.

The first thing you’ll see when clicking the profile link will be the Tryula Referral Agreement. You’ll also see the Rebate Guaranty. Finally, you will see a “Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification” (Form W-9). You will be required to submit a completed Form W-9 for the purpose of reporting payment information to the Internal Revenue Service under the name and TIN or SSN you provide. You will also be responsible for notifying Tryula if any information provided in the Form W-9 changes.

The Referral Agreement is how Tryula receives its 25% fee on closed transactions. The referral document must be given to your brokerage firm and employing broker for referral fee disbursement to Tryula from the brokerage firm where you hang your license. This agreement is between Tryula and the licensed real estate brokers appearing on our site and separate from the Rebate Guaranty which is between you as a licensed broker and the consumer.

The Rebate Guaranty is an agreement whereby you agree to rebate the customer $1,000.00 out of your gross commission at title, when closing on real property. This agreement is separate from the above mentioned Referral Agreement and is between you as the licensed real estate broker and the consumer. After initially signing the Rebate Guaranty, for all future instances, your signature will be auto populated for continuing customer engagements.

Once both agreements have been reviewed and signed, you will be prompted to setup your profile.This is where you will enter information about yourself…including photo, bio, stats, etc. No contact information is permitted to be listed in the biography section of your profile. Profile submissions and changes will be subject to a 72 hour verification period. Once your profile is verified and posted, you will notice that your contact information is redacted. We don’t allow any contact information in your biography section. This information is redacted until the consumer signs the Rebate Guaranty. Execution of the Rebate Guaranty provides for the $1,000.00 rebate, verifies the lead, and upon receipt of the consumer’s signature makes your contact information viewable.

Once a customer engages with your profile and signs the Rebate Guaranty, you will receive a text and email notifying you that a connection has been made with your profile. In addition, you will notice an active status notification in your back office. As the transaction status proceeds to pending and closed, you are required to reflect these changes in your back office and fill in the required fields.

Tryula is authorized to use any reviews posted by customer for testimonial purposes on the Tryula.com website, agents name included. Tryula.com will never share or sell your or any consumer’s personal information to any third parties.